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Audio Tools for Music Educators:
Noise Cleaning & Audio Enhancements

by John Kuzmich, Jr.


Audio Examples of Noise and Sound Deficiencies

Annotated Comments
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning
Spin It Again This was a very old and abused record, circa 1920, with a large chunk broken off of it, that was rescued from a California public library's trash. You can easily hear the extent of the damage in the original recording, and you can hear how Spin It Again automatically removed all the noise while preserving the audio. Bean-Original Beans-Cleaned
Spin It Again Old blues recording from a heavily damaged record.  You can hear how Spin It Again is able to remove the noise while preserving the original audio. Original Blues.mp3 Cleaned Blues.mp3
SoundSoap Pro 2 This recording was made on an ungrounded turntable, and contains broadband noise, electrical hum, needle hiss, and clicks & crackles. SoundSoap Pro 2 was used to clean it up. Fireside Before Fireside Before
SoundSoap 2 This was recorded from an old Wollensak reel-to-reel machine, and cleaned up using SoundSoap 2.
Old reeel to reel tape recording.aif
Old reeel to reel tape recording.aif
SoundSoap 2 Originally shot on Hi-8 analog video camera, and digitized for use in iMovie.  In the background of this video, there is a fan on, and water running, and there is additional noise picked up in the A-to-D conversion process.  This file was cleaned up using SoundSoap 2. lea.mov lea.mov
SoundSoap Pro 2 This was a recording submitted to us by an engineer who was curious to see if SoundSoap could be used to clean up this "talkie" of his father, which was recorded on a shellac or acetate record.  This file was clipped badly during recording, and even with that much content missing and distorted, SoundSoap Pro 2 was able to clean it up well.
SoundSoap 2 This is a short clip of guitar, recorded from a vinyl record.  It contains needle hiss, and clicks/crackles, and is easy to clean up with SoundSoap 2. Guitar from Vinyl.wav Guitar_from_Vinyl after.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Brilliance Enhancer.wav Demo_Brilliance Enhancer.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Declipper.wav Demo_Declipper
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Dehisser.wav Demo_Dehisser.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Dynamics.wav Demo_Dynamics.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Equalizer.wav Demo_Equalizer.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Sound Cloner Ziel.wav Demo_Sound Cloner.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Declicker.wav Demo_Declicker.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Decrackler.wav Demo_Decrackler.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Denoiser.wav Demo_Denoiser.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Multimax.wav Demo_Multimax.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Sound Cloner Quelle.wav Demo_Sound Cloner.mp3
Audio Cleaning Lab   Demo Stereo Enhancer.wav Demo_Stereo Enhancer.mp3

iZotope has numerous before-and-after examples of their audio restorations at: http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/rx/ along with descriptions.