Your thirty-second summary is one of the most critical tools in the job search process. You will use this summary when making networking contacts, either in person or over the phone. You will also use it in an interview, when asked, “tell me something about yourself.”

Your thirty-second summary must include those key points, strengths and accomplishments that make you valuable to the potential employer and/or identify for the networking contact the type of company or work you are looking for.

To start with, list those accomplishments or strengths you would like to include in your summary.

1. ____________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________
4. ____________________________________________________________
5. ____________________________________________________________

Next, incorporate the above listed strengths into your thirty-second summary.

Practice giving your thirty-second summary until you can present it comfortably and naturally, so that it does not appear to be memorized.


Thirty-second summary for individual looking for Airport Manager position.

“I have a bachelors degree in accounting, a Masters in Business Administration and a second masters degree in Management. I have 20 years experience managing aviation facilities, including two medium size airports with both fixed base and contract operations. In addition to my operational experience, I have twenty plus years experience as a professional pilot. This combined background of management and aviation allows me to envision operations from every perspective and to foresee potential hazards before they develop.”