Tips for Writing Better Cover Letters

  1. Click here for: Cover Letter Tips.html and local

  2. Click here for:  Sample Cover letter built from Douglas Graves resume. Here's another Sample Cover Letter.html and local

  3. Four essential steps in writing a cover letter:
  4. Attached is a .PDF file that explains and gives examples of the four types of cover letters at: Letters.pdf and local

  5. I have many samples of cover letters as follows if needed. 

    • "Cold" Cover Letters to Potential Employers
      1. Administation
      2. Summer Job
      3. Banking
      4. General and local
      5. Retail Administration
      6. Recruiter
      7. Corporate Communications
      8. Process Engineer
      9. Project ManagementPublishing
      10. Summer Job
      11. Executive Assistantl
      12. International Sales
      13. Intership
      14. Power Phrases and local