Upcoming European Trip Music Preview:
Meet the Kuzmich Musical Family!

Left Photo: Dallin and Reva, Right Photo: Reva
Roslyn's and John's Photos Coming Next Weekend!

Video demonstration: Reva, Dallin and John Kuzmich, Jr.

Audio Excerpts: Reva and Dallin Kuzmich: Mono version for 56K or 28K modem access to the Internet and a Stereo version for best use with high speed Internet access such as DSL, T1/T3, Cable Modem and/or ISDN

Upcoming Feature Music Concert at the Esperanta Kongreso in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 26, 2001!

For more information about the Esperanto Congress, please go to: 49th Annual ELNA Convention at http://www.utelo.org/convention/schedule.htm and http://www.utelo.org/

Upcoming European Trip Musical Itinerary!
(Many More Music Dates Coming Soon: Hotels, Restaurants and Church)

City/Country:                          Location:                               Concert Purpose:                                                                                              Date:

Prague, Czech Republic Astra Hotel Possible Esperanto Party! June 12-13, 2001
Warsaw, Poland TBA (to be arranged) June 14, 2001
Maximilianovka, Ukraine Family Relatives June 17-19, 2001
Donetsk, Ukraine Conservatory of Music Family Music Recital and Computer Music Workshop/Masterclass June 18, 2001
Warsaw, Poland TBA June 20, 2001
Krakow, Poland Dom Kultury Podgoorze Esperanto Society Music Concert June 21, 2001
Zakopane, Poland TBA June 23-24, 2001
Krempachy, Poland Family Relatives June 25-26, 2001
Snietnica, Poland Family Relatives June 27-28, 2001
Vienna, Austria TBA June 30, 2001
Vienna, Austria Church Sacrament Music, and Evening Spiritual/Music Presentation July 1, 2001
Holic, Slovakia Family Relatives July 5, 2001
Ljubljana, Slovenia Church Sacrament Music July 8, 2001
Ljubljana, Slovenia Church Music Concert July 8, 2001
Ljubljana, Slovenia Church Family Home Evening July 9, 2001
Venice, Italy TBA July 10-11, 2001
Florence, Italy TBA July 12-13, 2001
Rome, Italy Via Aurelia Anticia n. 446 Opera Don Guannella Concert for 300 to 400 Handicapped Youths sponsored by the Catholic Religious Humanistic Organization July 14, 2001
Rome, Italy Center of Rome Sacrament Music and Large Evening Firside July 15, 2001