Video Conferencing Requirements Since 2006!

by John Kuzmich, Jr.

January 14, 2014

School Band & Orchestra magazine: December 2013
Videoconferencing & Remote Instruction 

Thank you for your inquiry about my TI:ME offerings this summer of 2014. Most of the courseware is available in both videoconferencing and on location instruction in my home music studio in Golden, Colorado. See: for the specific course titles, their course descriptions and dates.  It is also possible to take others as I do offer 20+ in my repertory of courseware which can be customized for your needs. .  See the right column at and for "the rest of the story."

Videoconferencing is not complicated and one of my specialties since the mid-1990's. You will be able to use my GoToMeeting account for all training and there is no need for you to subscribe to the service

  1. I offer you the video conferencing software free in which you download the software for free by just clicking on my invitation link and you also connect to a conference automatically each day of instruction.  We can also do a test conference with me whenever you want just to see the video conferencing software in action and how well it works on our computer system.  Maybe next weekend might be convenient for us  to do a sample video conference?
  2. You do not need a webcam since we focus on the monitor's screen for all instruction.  Not only can you see my screen at the same quality as your screen, but I can also view your screen and when appropriate, you can control my mouse and keyboard on my computer and vice versa, I can control your computer.  So we are very interactive during the entire instructional process with synchronous communication which is not done as frequently as asynchronous which is a common practice with college professors who literally "dump and run" and you only communicate with them during their "office hours" while I'm on line continuously with you during all instruction!.  I do offer a rather innovative Survey of American Pop Music with Minnesota State University in an asynchronous format that might be great for a general music teacher since it covers the entire 20th century (including jazz and other roots of rock music into the music of today.  For details, go to  Survey of American Popular Music at
  3. For coordinated audio, you can use voice-over-IP via either an internal or an external microphone in your computer or you can can a telephone instead.  Recommend the voice-over-IP with the computer's microphone since it is completely free because the telephone is using a long-distance telephone conference phone number that might have a separate charge if you don't have unlimited long-distant telephone use. 
  4. I suggest using a headset with a microphone built in for it virtually eliminates feedback from your computer's external speakers and you don't have to hold the telephone in your hands.
  5. This 14 minute training video provides an overview of how the GoToMeeting service works.
  6. There is also 24/7 on-line technical support service by GoToMeeting at 1-800-263-6317. Just give the technical support person the meeting ID for my daily conferencing and they will service you without hesitation.
  7. I will practice with your 7 to 14 days prior to the scheduled presentation, during a ten-minute technical training session.

I have been teaching music technology with videoconferencing since 2006 and it is a winner for distance-learning instruction as well as eliminating travel time and expenses along as room and board expenses and you are always available to brain-storm with me on a 24/7 basis which makes my instruction personal and fun before, during and after the courseware is completed which is a sure-winner warranty that I guarantee my services!!!!

My videoconfererncing hosting computer equipment for all training is state-of-the-art:

  1. Intel Core I7 950 3.07 GHZ CPU, fastest in the industry right now!
  2. 24 GB RAM with state-of-the-art lighting processing speed.
  3. 1 GB video card
  4. 40 mega bits per second (mbps) Internet connection with 38+mpbs download and 4.43 mbps upload speeds.

And I am also willing to give private lessons (one-on-one).

As a public school educator for 43 years (just retired last year), I recognize that teachers need in-service instruction and frequently, can't afford the expenses involved.  And I'm a "giver" rather than a "taker," and the show must go on when you need it!  So I'm willing to teach the courseware that you need when you need it.  And I can schedule it during the school year as well on weekends and vacations.

I am also willing to brain-storm on the telephone with you about your teaching needs to suggest which courseware might be best for both your immediate and long-term needs.  What part of the country do you teaching in?  I am sure we can find a time to brain-storm together on the telephone or with my video conferencing software.

Hope this answers your questions.  Please fire back if you have more questions

Thank you again for your V.I.P. interest.

Till next time,

John Kuzmich, Jr.