John Singleton and Christian Pfretzschner:
Compositions, Songs, Pieces and Works in Progress

(Currently in Revision)

  1. Affair with Affinity: Finale and Sibelius. John wrote this song as a clarinet duet. If you don't have a viewer, click here to download the file Affair with Affinity and play it on a Finale program such as Finale, Finale Guitar, PrintMusic, or NotePad

  2. All is Dienamic:"Finale and Sibelius. Scott's experiment, assisted by John and Christian.

  3. Anti-Depressant: Finale and Sibelius. John and Christian's 8 measures of pure ska bliss  -work in progress.

  4. Carribbean Concoction: Finale and Sibelius John and Christian's experiment with a ukelele and steel drums  -work in progress.

  5. FareFan: Finale and Sibelius. Our quencher for our trumpet fanfare with timpani hankerin'  -work in progress.

  6. Fat Trio: Finale and Sibelius. One of our first pieces, written by Scott for the three of us to record.

  7. Monkey Mayhem: Finale and Sibelius. Light jammin' blues melody assisted with computer-generated rhythm.  

  8. Polynesian Chant: Finale and Sibelius. The revealing of the native urges within Christian, interpretted from the flick Joe vs. the Volcano.

  9. Steps of Colorado Plateaus: Finale and Sibelius. Plateus Scott's idea for symphonic bohemoth, heavily polished and arranged by John and Christian.

  10. Shankin' Spy Ska: Finale and Sibelius Groove John's arrranged with a skankin' guitar and driving bass in G harmonic minor  -work in progress.

  11. Street Street: Finale and Sibelius. Christian's bland first orginal piece.

  12. Trombone Duet: Finale and Sibelius From the boredom Christian experiences during Bible class.

  13. Unorthodox Tradition: Finale and John and Sibelius. Christian's masterpiece of abstract instruments, killer melodies, undefeatable chords, and bagpipes - work in progress.

  14. Weird Groover Finale and Sibelius John and Christian's jammin' groove with dynamnic chords, a solid bass, a sweet lead guitar eloquently melodic violin.

  15. Classic Groove: Finale and Sibelius Another rockin' guitar piece by John and Christian. Great chord progression along with another memorable bass line.

  16. New Groover: Finale and Sibelius A dual-guitar ska-beat tune by John that will surely raise your spirits.

  17. Venice Finale and Sibelius A harmonic arrangement with bagpipes and an accordian highlighted with a piccolo that John composed.

  18. Flight to Zanzabar: Finale and Sibelius John's magnificent opous and crowning achievement to this point. Like scrumptous strawberry cheesecake to your ears.

  19. Another Attempt: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  20. Baby Steppes: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  21. bad jazz: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  22. Clown_Waltz: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming

  23. Jammin': Finale and Sibelius forthcoming

  24. Langston Hughnes Blues: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  25. Lisa: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  26. Smooth: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  27. The Killing Fields: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

  28. Waltzy Crap: Finale and Sibelius forthcoming.

    All Songs Copyright 2002 and 2003 by John Singleton and Christian Pfretzschner

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