June 29th IASJ Concert: Fast and Dirty Demonstration Starter!

Dedicated Hardware Example:

  1. Last Tune as an uncompressed .CDA file at: http://www.kuzmich.com/IASJ/Superscope/Track 4.cda
  2. LastTune as a compressed .MP3 at: http://www.kuzmich.com/I ASJ/superscopTrack 4.mp3
  3. Sample Real Player audio streaming format: http://www.kuzmich.com/Reva/Butterfly.rm and a ram file has to be created by Real Producer Basic or Sony Vegas.
  4. Audio streaming with Real Producer at: http://www.kuzmich.com/IASJ/Superscope/Untitled Album/Track 4.ram

Digital Hand-Held Example

  1. Unstreamed Last Tune : http://www.kuzmich.com/IASJ/Marantz/1009.MP3
  2. Audio Streaming Last Tune: http://www.kuzmich.com/IASJ/Marantz/Track04.ra

Software Digital Recordings:

  1. Last Tune was recorded in four sections.