On-Going Series of Feature Jazz Education Articles in JAZZed magazine

In addition to being a music tech columnist for School Band & Orchestra (SBO) magazine since 1998, JAZZed magazine, which has over 16,000 music educators as subscribers and 82% are identified as jazz educators, has me now authoring an extended series of jazz articles covering most instructional areas of jazz education.  I will be focusing in on separate feature articles covering combo/improvisation, combo charts, arranging/composing books, jazz strings, big-band charts, transcribed solos, interviews of prominent jazz artists and groups, etc. that could lead to separate articles over many years to come.

Below are three completely different suggestions to jump-start potential articles that could incorporate some of your publications,

Content of these reviews can cover a variety of teaching materials appropriate for jazz education teaching applications.
  1. Instructional Videos
  2. Improvisation Books
  3. Play-Along Recordings
  4. Large Ensemble Charts
  5. Combo Charts
  6. Pedagogy Books and Materials
  7. Music Technology Tools
  8. Jazz History Materials
  9. Jazz Anthology Discographies
  10. Jazz Curriculum Model
Hope this gives you a birds-eye view of three creative column's.  My goal is to find and promote the best instructional materials representing all publishers varying from small to Fortune 500 companies.

Hope my brain-storming makes sense and I await your suggestions before proceeding on which of your publications to promote first.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have exemplary publications that should be featured.  And by brain-storming together, I will be able to accomplish my editorial goals of making a difference in the music education profession by enhancing JAZZed magazine and with its readers and the music publishers who provide the essential tools for instruction.