John Kuzmich, Jr. Genealogy Pages

Go to: and you will find many exciting new features.  Our family history web site now opens up with a virtual panorama photo of Verdun at the link below where our 1790 Martin Turk was born. The URL is Click on the most right box inside the photo and bingo, you have a full screen view that is incredible.  Reva was there with us in 2001.  Click on the Home Page icon and the regular web site is now fully functional.  What a significant improvement to our family history. 

On that web site., click on the Home Page icon.

  1. In the Search box, put in Kuzmich
  2. Click on me, John Kuzmich, Jr.
  3. Click on the ancestor tab and there's a pedigree chart with customized thumbnail photos for your viewing plus more information.

Most significant one is that one can search my entire GEDCOM file to learn if visitors are related to me by not only viewing the GEDCOM file, but display family group sheets and pedigree charts instantly!  And all vital data for living people is automatically blocked for good security. 

I will outline what some of these exciting new features are.  My web site is not complete, but I have sufficient examples to illustrate its magic at the conference already.  And eventually, my children might be able to assist me as this web site could be life-long project since it offers so many ways to highlight ones family history beyond GEDCOM capabilities.  And together with my family blog, it certainly is a "life-long project in the making."

  1. Photos:  I can upload a vast quantity of photos with title and descriptions.
  2. Documents:  I will upload something soon relating to my family history.  Haven't figure out what yet?  Any suggestions?
  3. Reports: I will upload something soon relating to my family history.  Haven't figure out what yet?  Any suggestions?
  4. Most Wanted:  I posted some photos with people I can't name.  Hopefully some visitor can help me!  The second photo has a hat to literally "die" for.  My daughter, Reva or her daughter Solei, will eat their hearts out for this one!!!!  Or maybe not?
  5. What's New:  Automatically provides info about the latest updates on this web site!
  6. Histories:  Here's where I've uploaded written histories of each of my major family lines, including foreign translations in Slovene, Russian and Polish.
  7. All Media:  Contains all photos, links for maps of ancestor villages and more! I'm not sure if videos can be linked here.  My guess is yes!!
  8. Sources:  Not yet, as I don't have time to identify them yet!  Need help from my children!!
  9. Statistics:  Automatically contains all statistics for the entire web site, including GEDCOM file
  10. Cemeteries:  Soon will post many more photos of cemeteries in Nowa Biala, Snietnica, Szaflary and Snietnica, Poland
  11. Headstones:  Do I have a wealth of headstone photos to post soon from Nowa Biala, and Snietnica, Poland!
  12. Bookmarks:  have not posted any yet for frequently visited web locations.  Any suggestions on "must see" spots?
  13. Places:  automatically provides a complete breakdown of all locations found in my GEDCOM file!
  14. Album:  presently contains photo albums of Anthony Theodore Kuzmich and our Pennsylvania Kuzmick ancestor roots with old photos going into the early 1900's. More albums to come!
  15. Contact me:  automatically allows visitors to send me e-mails.
  16. If you desire this web building genealogy application for your family history, go to

Below is a screen capture from this web site.  Now go to and explore for yourself.  The photo in the screen capture below are the three Kuzmich brothers from Snietnica taken in Passaic, New Jersey, circa 1910.  My grandfather, Anthony, is is the right person while the left person is his step-brother John and the center one is his step brother Dmitri.  Now go to and explore their histories, more photos and more info about my ancestors.