Final PowerPoint Unit

Assessment Tests

(500, 400, 300, 200, 100 or Zero Points if you can ....)

Practice Test:
Take as many times as necessary.

Final PowerPoint Assessment Test

No Time Limit on Final Test and must Print Out Test Score with your name on it!
  1. Earn 500 points if you can obtain a score of 40 or more correct answers.
  2. Earn 400 points if you can obtain a score of 39
  3. Earn 300 points if you can obtain a score of 38.
  4. Earn 200 points if you can obtain a score of 37.
  5. Earn 100 points if you can obtain a score of 36.
  6. If your score is below 36, please retake the test as many times as you want before printing your final assessment score and submitting it to Dr. Data. Student assistant must initial the paper to certify that you indeed took the test and not someone else.
  7. Yes, the test can also be taken at home, but a parent must sign and date the paper that you indeed took it.
  8. Note: both questions and answers will be completely randomized every time you take the Practice test. And the Final Test isn't but the answers are never displayed!
  9. To do the Final Assessment Test, click as follows: to begin the testing process and you can take it as many times as you want until you earn the grade of your choice. Just be sure the parent, student assistant or Dr. Data signs your test before submitting it for a grade. To take the test more than once add a number after your name so Dr. Data knows how many times you took the test!
  10. Good luck with this innovative approach to learning PowerPoint structure! Remember: “Practice Makes Perfect.” Don’t hesitate to take the test several times to get a better understanding about the concepts being evaluated.

This PowerPoint Assessment Is Important Because...