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Updated Overview of My Boczniewicz (Bochnovich) Family History 12/5/2022

The oldest identified member of our direct ancestors of the BOCZNIEWICZ family is Georgius Boczniewicz (1753-1829). He was married to Irina Wawczak (1756-1788) with whom he had 3 children; Leontis b.1779, Pantaleon b.1785 and Ahaphia b.1788.

He and his 2nd wife Maryanna Warcholak (1775-1829) had 4 children; Danielis b.1801, Paulus b.1804, Theodorus b.1805 and Maryanna b.1810.



Georgius’s oldest son Leontis Boczniewicz married Maria Holowiak (1790-1842) and had 9 children; Thecla b.1808, Xenia b.1811, Nicolaus b.1812, Bartholomeus b.1814, Stephanus b.1818, Joannes b.1821, Constantinus b.1826, Basilius b.1828 and Demetrius b.1829.


Leontis’s son Bartholomeus Boczniewicz (1814-1890) had three wives; Martha Kopyzinski (1813-155), Anastasia Wawyrn (1810-1873) and Anastasia Kieleczawa (1841-1887)

Bartholomeus and his third wife Anastasia Kieleczawa, had two children that I’m aware of; Onyfer/Onuphrius (1878-1914) and Tekla (1875-1933), who was my grandmother.


The children of Bartholomeus Boczniewicz and Anastasia Kieleczawa are described as follows:

        Onyfer or Onuphrius (b.1878) immigrated to the U.S.A. and died in New York City in 1914. At that time he was married and had three children; son Johnny and two girls. The wife apparently had moved to Pittsburgh before Onyfer's death. Little else is known about this family line.

        Tekla is my paternal grandmother and was born June 20, 1875. She married Anthony KUZMICH in Passaic, New Jersey on May 13, 1898 and had four children who lived to be adults: Olga (1900-1976), Mary (1901-1983), John (1903-1985) and Walter (1915-2011). Five other children died in early childhood. For additional information about Tekla and her husband, Anthony Kuzmich, see the website  about the Kuzmich family lines.

The Boczniewicz Family home #34 in Stawisza was first recorded at the time of death to Georgius Boczniewicz. It was handed down to his son Leontis, then to his son Bartholomeus, who passed it on to his son with first wife, Martha Kopyzinski, Antonius Boczniewicz (b.1857). From there, Antonius gave it to his son Nicyphorius (b.1900) who had a son Ivan Boczniewicz (b.1928), but there is no record of what became of the house after that.

Some of this information was obtained from a personal meeting I had with Mary Yacenik in Plainfield, New Jersey around 1975. Other facts were added from on Dec.6, 2022.



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