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Meet the Bochnovich Family Lines

Overview of Bochnovich Family History

The oldest identified member of our direct ancestors of the BOCHNOVICH family are Bartholomew BOCHNOVICH and one of his three wives: Anastasia. It is estimated that they were born in the 1840's. Bartholomew owned most of Stawisza and was considered wealthy. Both Bartholomew and Anastasia had died by 1887, leaving their children as orphans. There were at least four children born to Bartholomew: Anastasia (1863 to ?), Onyfer (1865 to ?), a sister and Tekla (1875 - 1933) who was our grandmother. For additional information about Tekla and her husband, Anthony KUZMICH, see the hand-out about the KUZMICH family lines. When Bartholomew died, Peter BASALYSA's father, John, Mayor of Snietnica, and Bishop Benjamin's father were made the controllers of Bartholomew's property.

The children of Bartholomew BOCHNOVICH are described below as follows:


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