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Fall, 2001 and Winter, 2002 Semester Instructional Calendar
Student Contract with Expectations:
Learn the Keyboard with the Right Habits: Cue Sheet
Typing Proficiency Sheet: Typing Test Grading System
Student Data Enrollment Form
Video Review Sheet
Bonus Points
Internet Syllabus and Internet Fundamentals
Dr. Kuzmich's Teaching Standards/Goals!
Not presently available to Carmody students. Free, Supervised E-mail Account Instructions for all of Dr. Data's 7th grade computer classes
Student Web Projects & HTML PowerPoint Presentations!
Weekly CSAP Computer Class Assignment Cue Sheet: Expository Writing Collaboration!
Weekly CSAP Computer Class Assignment Cue Sheet!
Weekly CSAP Computer Class Assignment Cue Sheet
Free Time in Dr. Data's Classes: What To Do In Maximizing Your Learning Experiences for Academic Success!!
Many Impressive Student PowerPoint Projects!


Keyboarding Lessons with Alpha Smarts:
Word Processing Fall Semester: and Word Processing Winter Semester:
Database Management:
Drawing and Painting:
Computer Music:
Designing Computer Games with Animations & Sound Effects:

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