Reva Kuzmich Master's Degree Recital

Featuring the Students of Reva Kuzmich, Violin

Accompanied by Ms. Sarah Porter

This recital is given in partial fulfillment of requirements
for the degree Master of Music in violin performancwe pedagogy.

Reva Kuzmich is a student of Katie McLin

Via RealProducer Plus and Vegas 4.0 Audio and Video Streaming!

Recorded by John Kuzmich, Jr. at the Arizona State University Recital Hall

April 9, 2004

Recording Equipment: Superscope PSD300 Recording System with a AT825 Onepoint X/Y Stereo Recording Microphone

Students Participating
Performed by Hannah Sehgal
Performed by Julianna Demello
Performed by Rachel Amundson
Song of the Wind
Performed by Shreya Madaan
Performed David Barry
Performed by Ryan Sehgal
Heath Amundson
Performed by Ciarra Newman
Performed by Caitlin Yates
Performed by Ariel Balthazard
Performed by Lucy Spencer

Video Streaming Below:
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