Musical Telecommunication Applications and Resources of the Internet:

A World of Information & Adventure!

(Presented at the University of Southern California School of Music Forum on October 4, 1996)

by Dr. John Kuzmich, Jr.


What's on the Internet?

* E-mail
* Finger
* Telnet
* Gopher
* Veronica
* News Groups
* World-Wide Web

Cruising On The Information Superhighway

*World Wide Web.
*Commercial Online services.

Music Internet Resources and Applications

General Applications


Adam Curry's The Vibe for the latest information and comments from the MTV's man himself:
URL is

Music Under Soviet Rule: Offers a collection of documents related to the classical music of the former Soviet Union.

Opera-1 Home Page: Includes a guide to recorded opera, an A-Z guide to composers, an A-Z guide to operas, synopses of operas, photos of opera stars, and links to other opera sites.

ROCKIN.COM: A music source for rock bands, management companies, musicians and other music resources. Download sounds, pictures and schedules of bands from all across America. Post your band for $25.00 a month. They will build a site for you.

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra: First symphony on the Web. Contains information about musicians and administrators, their schedule and history and a sound file of the symphony playing the New Zealand national anthem. Also includes dozens of links related to orchestral and classical music and to musicians.

Norwegian Music Information Centre: Address guide, information on new and current bands and the latest music news out of Norway.

Russian Pop: Lyrics of romantic Russian ballads and the latest bands from Russia.

Mongolian Folk Music: Has information on Tuvan and other Mongolian music, discography, singers and groups. Most information in English, some available in German.

Modern Medieval Music: Features an Indiana medieval music ensemble with a sense of humor and a Web page. Information provided about European medieval music and links to pages about other groups with a similar interest.
URL: http://silver/

Music Theory

The Guitar College: Curriculum for learning guitar music theory.
URL is :

Music Theory Online - electronic journal for professional and pre-professional music
theorists, composers, historians, performers, and others in allied fields.
URL is:

Danielou, Alain (1907-1994) - includes information on his life and work studying hinduism
and shivaism, Indian classical music and general theory about micro tuning. (in French and
URL is:

MusInc - a private studio for the teaching a music theory, organ, and piano; also a
placement service for church musicians
URL is:

Music Composition

Architek - providing high quality music composition, sound design and production for all
media. Graphic design and production in 2nd and 3rd techniques.
URL is :

Bada Boom-Bada Bing - Sound Design and Music Composition company specializing in
cutting edge music for television commercials, films and interactive media projects.
URL is:

Harrel Music, Inc - arrangement and composition service maintained by Shawn Harrel.
Shawn is a music student at Southwest Missouri State University.
URL is:

Music by Request - Original Music Compositions for Publishing, Music for Film and TV,
Non-Linear 16 Track Digital Recording, Professional Mobile Disc Jockey Service.
URL is:

Music Colleges

Oberlin Music College : A guide to the classes and degrees available through the college.
URL is :

Queensland Conservatorium of Music - a wide range of sub-tertiary, diploma, degree,
postgraduate and short courses. Uniquely Australian.
URL is: home.html

Berklee College of Music: Founded in 1945, Berklee College of Music is the world's largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music.
URL is

Colorado State University: Check out the home page of the music department. Easy access 24 hours-a-day e-mail to all faculty.
URL: http://www/ColoState.EDU/Depts/Music

Church Music

Cantate Recordings - Specialists in Church music recordings - choirs, organs, bells and
handbell music.
URL is:

There's Power - by Rev. Yvette Flunder, Grammy nominated artist and pastor of progressive
United Church of Christ in San Francisco.
URL is:

Music Industry

Roland Synthesizers : A list of available synthesizers and related products available from Roland. URL is :

Mel Bay Publications: Music education publisher that has an extensive library especially for guitarists but also in all areas of jazz improvisation, pop and rock music.

SoundBlaster AWE32: FAQ (frequently asked questions on the SoundBlaster AWE32 sound card).

Kurzweil Music: Synths welcome to Young Chang Worldwide Kurzweil Music, the pro choice in MIDI instruments. Contains a bibliography on synthesizers,MIDI, computer and electronic music and more.

Rock Artists/Bands

Jethro Tull Music Archive: focuses on the band Jethro Tull. Provides information about the band and lyrics to all the band's songs and a connection to an FTP server that provides pictures, articles and a few MIDI sequences.

Kinks, The: Includes everything fro pictures, sounds and videos to a complete discography and lyric database.

KISS Network: Focuses on the musical group KISS and contains information about collectibles, band history, discography and more. Sound files can be downloaded.

Beastie Boys: Recent releases , tour information, solo projects, product formation, movies, photos and sound clips galore. Three large articles, a discography, and answers to frequently asked questions.
URL is

Amy Grant: Provides information on Amy Grant.


Introduction to MIDI: Incredible home page for learning about MIDI and related music technologies. In-depth instruction covering: What is MIDI?, A Basic MIDI Configuration, Approximate costs for developing a MIDI station, Key terminology related to MIDI (glossary, appropriate software and suggested reading materials for working with MIDI.
URL: http://www.iupui.ed...1musc/inromidi

MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface
URL is http://www.eeb.ele.tue.n1/midi/index.html

MIDI Farm: A massive selection of WWW links to manufacturer materials, a Macintosh digital audio group and several other MIDI sites.
URL is



Alabama Jazz Hall of Frame: Contains information about the organization whose stated mission is "to foster, encourage, and cultivate a general appreciation of the medium of jazz music.

Jazz Roots Home Page: Provides information on the early jazz masters, such as Fats Waller and Benny Goodman. Includes photos, bios, band members, discographies and more.

Montreux Jazz Festival: Covers an international jazz festival held in Montreux, Switzerland annually. Contains general festival information, programs, artists' photos, and bios, band lineups and a catalog of festival merchandise.

Pat Metheny Home Page: Provides a Pat Metheny discography, concert reviews, tour dates and more along with downloadable pictures of every album cover and links to related sites.

The Contemporary List of Jazz Links by Piotr Marek, Jr.: Claims to be the worlds biggest jazz links on the Internet with over 1033 URL's "hot linked." Organized by artists, electronic jazz magazines on the Internet, recording companies, a short list of must jazz places on the WWW, jazz education, radio stations, jazz festivals around the world with detailed information and other resources.


Classical Music: Following composers covered: Antonio Allegri, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, William Byrd, Frederic Chopin, Aaron Copland, Claude Debussy, Anton Dvorak, Gabriel Faure, George Gershwin, Percy Grainger, Edvard Grieg, George Handel, Franz Haydn, Gustav Holst, Alan Hovhanness, Leos Janacek, Franz Liszt, Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolfgang Mozart, Modest Mussorgsky, Carl Orff, Joahann Pachelbel, Palestrina, Maurice Ravel, Ottorino Respighi, Camille Saint-Saens, Erik Satie, Robert Schumann, Dmitri Shostakovich, Bedrich Smetana, Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Thomas Tallis, Peter Tchaikovsky, Georg Telemann, Antonio Vivaldi, Richard Wagner, Carl Maria von Weber, and Ralph Vaughan Williams along with musical clips of each composer.
URL is

Johann Sebastian Bach: One of the most musical families of all time.

Ludwig van Beethoven: Beethoven's story is one of personal triumph over tragedy and supreme musical achievement.
URL is

Richard Wagner: Collects and displays all kinds of material dealing with the German composer Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883).
URL is

The Composers: Franz Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach, Edvard Hagerup Grieg, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
URL is http:/


Accordiana: Provides information on accordions and all free reed instruments. Information provided on how to purchase instruments, where to study, and where to get accordion music.

Autoharp: Provides information about the autoharp, including publications, recordings, concert and festival schedules and how to buy and get started playing the autoharp.

Acoustic Guitar Digest: An electronic magazine for the acoustic guitar enthusiast.
URL is

Classical Guitar Home Page: Contains arrangements, MIDI files, articles and frequently asked questions related to classical guitar.
URL is



African Music: Music from Africa. Contains information on African and African influenced music and musicians from all over the world, including South American and the Caribbean. Also links to the home pages of the various countries.
URL: http//

Afropop worldwide: Presents the popular African/world music programs on National Public Radio online.

Le Nozze di Figaro: Contains information on the opera, The Marriage of Figaro. Offers sections on the composer (Mozart),music and more.

Classical Music Reviews: Reviews of baroque, classical, orchestral, romantic and modern keyboard music.
URL is

Music Education

RHYTHMIC MUSIC EDUCATION - Transcripts of sessions discussing different music topics such as Latin American Music.
URL is :

Music Education Online - Links to other sites about various topics such as instruments, instruction, music education and more.
URL is :

Nerd World : Music - Education - Information and links discussing Jazz Education CD's
URL is :


Anonymous FTP Sites


Kurzweil K2000: URL: Directory: /pb/kurzeil/sounds
Roland D-70: URL: Directory: /pub/D70
Roland Samplers: URL: Directory: /pub/sgroup
Ensoniq EPS-16+: URL: ftp.reed.eduDirectory: /eps/docs/samples/sa mple.index.txt and /pub/kurzweil/sounds
MIDI Sample Dumps: URL: Directory: /pub/sds



(Up-to-the-minute news and opinion on almost any topic you can imagine)

Alternate tunings: It's not just 12-tone equal temperament anymore.
URL is

Creative Labs Sound Blaster: Forum about programming the Sound Blaster.
URL is

E-mu Emax: Forum about E-mu's samplers.
URL is

Internet Underground: Alternative means of publishing recordings
URL is

Korg Wavestation: Forum about this Korg synthesizer.
URL is

Music Theory: An online seminar on music theory.
URL is


Music Newsgroups
Christian Music, both contemporary and classical
Vocal music without musical accompaniment
Guitar based hardcore music
For performers and their discussions



New Technical Musical Developments on the Internet:

*Video Conferencing
*NoteView by Musicware/TAP.

Sample Music Lesson Plan

What is MIDI Lesson Plan?

Students are expected to do a report on MIDI in terms of its definition of terms, its basic configuration, approximate costs for developing a MIDI station and key terminology related to MIDI along with specific software applications (sequencing, sound generation, notation and interactive music theory).

Grade Levels: 7-12


* To learn what is MIDI is and how it can function in a music education setting.
*To learn what a basic MIDI configuration is comprised of?
*To budget for putting together a MIDI station.
*To learn key terminology related to MIDI.
*To demonstrate MIDI music software applications pertaining to music sequencing, sound generation, notation and interactive music theory.


*Personal computer with an Internet connection.
*Graphical World Wide web browser and sound viewer (optional)
*Suggested reading materials for working with MIDI.
*Music software: sequencing, notation, sound generation, music scanning and interactive music theory.


1.Have students use graphical web browser to surf for web sits that cover information about MIDI.
2.Have students diagram a basic MIDI configuration.
3.Have students budget for a MIDI workstation for hardware and software.
4.Require students to be able to define basic MIDI terminology.
5.Have students download Standard MIDI files and play them back through their own sequencing/notation software applications.
6.Assign students to study suggested reading materials for working with MIDI.

The importance of this lesson plan is to be able to use Standard MIDI files from the Internet. For information about learning about MIDI on the Internet, students can access these World Wide Web sites.

Introduction to MIDI: Incredible home page for learning about MIDI and related music technologies. In-depth instruction covering: What is MIDI?, A Basic MIDI Configuration, Approximate costs for developing a MIDI station, Key terminology related to MIDI (glossary, appropriate software and suggested reading materials for working with MIDI.
URL: http://www.iupui.ed...1musc/inromidi

MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface
URL is http://www.eeb.ele.tue.n1/midi/index.html

MIDI Farm: A massive selection of WWW links to manufacturer materials, a Macintosh digital audio group and several other MIDI sites.
URL is

MIDI Home Page: A MIDI archive containing lots of tools and sequences in Standard MIDI File format.
URL is html

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