Digital Magic: Seamlessly From "Live" Recording to MP3

to the Audio Streaming/Web Posting in Minutes!

by John Kuzmich, Jr. (

2003 IAJE International Jazz Conference in Toronto, Canada, January 10, 2003

2003 Arizona Music Educators Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, January 31, 2003

2003 MENC Northwest Regional Conference in Portland, Oregon, February 14, 2003

"Live" Performances at:

Clinic Description: New, simplified digital recording tools, computer music software and the Internet audio streaming techniques offer educators a new world of creative instructional opportunities beyond traditional classroom music instruction for posting "live" recordings on the Internet. This clinic session is designed for music educators in teaching them the necessary techniques to record your concerts and using these true CD quality (44.1 KHz) recordings for making fund raising CD's and posting the recordings on your school web page via MP3 file conversion and audio streaming techniques. The good news is that this technology is becoming easier for both teachers and students to use and very economical. I'll demonstrate how you don't need a lot of equipment to make great digital recordings that can be easily done and then converted to much smaller audio MP3 files with affordable software, then posted on a website for mass listening or burned to CD.


Tommy Morimoto: 2002 downbeat "db" award winner for outstanding saxophonist and student at the prestigious Dave Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific. Tommy has studied with many professional musicians, including Dave Liebman at his exclusive summer professional level jazz camp at his home in Pennsylvania, Jerry Coker at the University of Tennssee, and Lew Tabackin on several occasions in New York City, and other jazz luminaries as well as with me for four years in Denver. This past summer, Tommy's combo travel to Paris for four weeks performing in concerts sponsored by the North Carolina State Department of Education. Not bad for freshman student just beginning to attend college this past fall including a September, 2002 performance at the Monterey Jazz Festival with Dave Brubeck. To contact by e-mail:

Hiro Morozumi (Yasuhiro Morozumi): Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas. Played and recorded with the prestigious Two O'Clock Lab Band, Jazz Singers and Zebras Jazz Keyboard Ensemble at the University of North Texas. A member of the Presently, a graduate jazz studies major (M.M.) at the University of North Texas and a 2002 Henry Mancini Institute composition member. Actively performs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in jazz clubs and jazz festivals with his own group as well as a sideman. Recently opened for the Yellowjackets and other professional groups. To contact by e-mail:

Reva Kuzmich: Full scholarship master's degree candidate at Arizona State University in string pedagogy. Graduate of the University of North Texas in applied violin with additional expertise in jazz strings and sound synthesis as well as a certified Suzuki Violin Teacher. Co-founder of first jazz string ensemble at the University of North Texas in 1996. Presently, she is a Zeta MIDI violin clinician and travels with her father, John Kuzmich, Jr., regularly doing electric jazz string and computer music technology workshops at international/national/regional/state music conferences: 2001 IAJE Conference, 2001 Winter NAMM Show, 2001 MENC Eastern Division Conference, and 2001 and 2002 Texas Music Educators Conferences and four others (2002 Midwest Band & Orchestra Clinic, 2003 IAJE, 2003 Arizona Music Educators Conference and the 2003 MENC Northwest Regional Division Conference for the 2002-2003 school year. Reva has studied numerously times with Matt Glaser, Darol Anger, David Baker, Mark Wood and other contemporary violinists. To contact and web, <>

Clinic Content On-Line:

1. "Web Creativity With Easy Digital Audio Recording and Audio Streaming Capabilities:"

2. "The Creative Aspects of Video Streaming:"

3. "Why Is MP3 So Important for Music Educators?":

4. "A Brief Guide to Microphones": Clinic Products

1. Digital Audio Recording for studio quality both remotely and in studio with the: Superscope PSD300 CD Recording System: FAQs: Combination CD Recorder and CD Player with innovative Performing Arts Controls, mic/line inputs, and built in mic and speaker. The Superscope PSD300 is the world's first CD Recording system for the performing arts that combines professional CD-R/RW recorder with a CD-R/RW player featuring innovative CD manipulation controls. This portable stand-alone system is designed specifically as a valuable portable music rehearsal and performance tool. In addition to its recording drive, the unit's CD player features the same performing arts controls found on the popular Superscope PSD230 portable CD player. These special controls allow musicians to practice with their favorite artist or a specialized music accompaniment CD and manipulate the key or tempo of that music in real time. Use this portable system to: Record live direct to blank CD-R (write once) or CD-RW (rewritable) discs. (Listen to a recording made on the PSD300). Plug microphones directly into the unit for stereo recording without the need for a separate mic preamp and mixer. Or use the built-in microphone. Play any music CD and manipulate the key and tempo, create practice loops, or reduce lead vocal tracks all on the fly. Plug instruments or microphones into the PSD300 and mix live musicians with CD accompaniment including innovative CD manipulation controls. Record the mix to the CD-R/RW drive. You can use data/computer discs instead of the more expensive consumer music discs. Duplicate CDs at 2X speed. Convert a CD to half speed as a duplication option. Each note will be exactly one octave lower, at half the speed. A great tool for music transcribers. CD Player Features: Change key in musical half steps Change tempo -33% to +50% without changing key Reduce lead vocals Create A-B practice loops CD Recorder Features: Built-in microphone and speaker Stereo XLR & 1/4" mic/line inputs Programmable mic/line EQ and filtering Automatic record level control Computer CD-R/RW disc compatible Convert to half speed

2. Conversion of digital audio recording to MP3 files in seconds with the Cakewalk Pyro 2003: <>.

You can also convert stereo to mono and pick your audio quality to regulate file size. Cakewalk Pyro 2003 is the complete system for playing, organizing, editing, and enjoying your favorite music. Whether you want to make MP3s, burn and share mix CDs of your favorite music, digitize and clean up your old LPs or cassettes, or archive important data files, Pyro does it all! Burn professional-quality CDs of your favorite songs Quickly turn your CDs into MP3s, WAV or WMA files Back up your valuable files to data CD Convert LPs and cassettes into CDs or digital files Clean audio to remove clicks, crackles, pops, hiss, and hum from LPs, cassettes, and low quality MP3s Rip individual songs or entire albums Quickly locate and organize all the music files on your PC Create megamixes and smooth transitions by overlaying and cross-fading songs Get superior sound quality with 64-bit EQ Instantly downloads song titles and artist info from Gracenote/CDDB for thousands of commercial CDs

3. Preparation of MP3 music files for audio streaming on the Internet with the Helix Producer Plus:>.

A media production tool for broadcast streaming and download. It provides robust, reliable, and fault-tolerant encoding to convert audio and video into RealMedia format. Using RealMedia Events, Helix Producer can also be used to create synchronized multimedia presentations for playback within the RealOne Player. Helix Producer is one of the key elements of the RealNetworks system based on the Helix platform, an integrated media-delivery system designed for rich media delivery over the Internet and corporate intranets. RealVideo 9: Delivering Unparalleled Quality. Learn More. RealVideo 9 Beats Windows Media 9 Series in Quality. Who uses Helix Producer? Users of Helix Producer Plus include anyone interested in streaming industry-leading audio and video. Ranging from encoding professionals within content providers and media creation companies, encoding service firms, post-production facilities, and A/V departments of educational institutions, government organizations, and corporate enterprises to hobbyists and home enthusiasts interested in sharing family movies over a personal Web site. What can you do with Helix Producer Plus? Below is just a sample of what you can do when Helix Producer Plus is combined with one or more Helix Universal Server. Check out the features section for a more complete list of Helix Producer Plus capabilities. Live and/or simulated live video and/or audio webcasts On-demand audio and/or video Synchronized multimedia using a combination of datatype

4. Simple, but professional microphone ;solution, especially remotely with the Audio-Technica AT825 Onepoint X/Y Recording Microphone: The AT825, an X/Y stereo condenser microphone with full mono compatibility, has been designed for broadcast and professional recording use. It is also well-suited for DAT field applications. It includes true stereo ambience (crowd noise, music, etc.) mixed with narrative talent on a center lmono channel. Under a deadline crunch or in single-take situations, sound technicians will also appreciate the AT835 s excellent channel separation.