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Our Kucala Family Ancestors

The earliest KUCALA immigrants to the U.S.A. settled in Passaic, New Jersey, a small, specialized woolen mill manufacturing center 12 miles west of New York City. Passaic was a sociological phenomenon. For example, in 1910 its population contained the largest proportion of foreign-born whites, 52 percent of its 54,773 inhabitants, of any city in the nation, four of every five foreign-born residents came from southern and eastern Europe or Russia.

At least the first four KUCALA families listed below are probably related to me, but it is not clear how they are. There are also some interesting facts that should be noted about these first four families: 1) they were all born in the same small village in Poland, 2) all initially settled in Passaic, N.J., and 3) they knew each other in this country. In addition, two of them might have had the same father and probably Jacob and Joseph married sisters in this country.

Jacob KUCALA was born of George KUCALA on July 3, 1868 in Ujbela, Poland and immigrated to Passaic in about 1883. He married Mary Skvarek (1870-1923) and had at least six children born to them. His second wife was Rosie Bizub. By profession, he was a loom fixer. Jacob lived most of his life in Clifton and at one time was a street superintendent. He died in Paterson, N.J. on December ?, 1928 following an illness of one year. His children are as follows:

Alexander KUCALA was born in Ujbela, Poland of Adalbert Kucala and Anne Kovalik on July 21, 1884. He married Mary Kopec in Passaic on January 9, 1910. Jacob Kucala was a witness at this wedding. He worked on the railroad for many years and was also a tavern Keeper. Alexander died in Baraboo, Wisconsin on February 14, 1948 and is buried in Chicago, Illinois. He had at least three children. Most of his life was spent in Elkhart, Indiana and in Chicago, Illinois.
Michael KUCALA (Kucella) was born in Ujbela, Poland of Matthew or John Kucala and Mary Zirub on January 1, 1886. He married Anna Molitovise on January 8, 1905 in Passaic. Fakole Kucala was a witness to this wedding. Michael had five daughters: mrs. Anna Young, Mrs. Marie Nzienty, Mrs. Helen Cidell, Mrs. Julia Domenk and Mrs. Irene Schima. His usual occupation was maintenance on the railroad. Most his life was spent in Elkhart, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois. It is not know when or why his surname was changed from Kucala to Kucella. Michael died on July 17, 1959 in Chicago.

Joseph KUCALA was born in Ujbela, Poland of George Kucala and Victoria Kluidack on February 25, 1881. He married Elizabeth Piconk about 1900 in Passaic, N.J. He was employed by the New York Central Railroad and settled most of his life in Elkhart, Indiana. he died in Elkhart on October 16, 1940. Elizabeth died on August 16, 1916. His second wife was Katherine Skvarek. There were four brothers and two sisters born.

It has been told to me that Joseph Kucala is my second great uncle, but I have no definite proof to verify that.

Serapliuum KUCALA was born in 1884 in Mufua Viva, Poland. His father and mother were Stephan Kucala and Mary Galisz. He married Alleiaaim Kuek on July 24, 1905 in Passaic, New Jersey.

Anna KUCALA was born in 1874 in Passaic of Joseph Kucala and Mary Galala. Anna married Simon Kurnak in Passaic, N.J. on May 11, 1895.


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