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Jazz Study/Practice for Weekly Assignments and Practice Record

Student: _____________________ Week of ______________________ Lesson No.____

Daily Practice Record in Minutes (suggest 30 minutes a day on private lessons + school music)

Monday --------------------Tuesday --------------------Wednesday ------------------Thursday---------------------- Friday---------------------- Saturday-------------------- Sunday-------------------- Total Minutes  









Sample Daily Schedule (include order, priorities, time for each and all materials required)


1.         Chords/Scales - Activities (


2.        Licks/Patterns - Activities


3.         Play-Along Materials - Activities


4.         Transcribed Solos - Activities with Suggested Software Applications

a. Play’em------------------------------------Listen’em

b. Analyze’em--------------------------------Notate licks in your notebook (favorite ones)

c. Play’em in different keys-------------------Use’em in your solos


5.        Listen to Jazz - Activities (radio, tape, recording, live)

a. Background as you do something else

b. Study and analyze style of performance, technical aspects

in terms of soloists, rhythm section, articulation, dynamics, chords, scales, etc.

c. Intently digest listening (transcribe it, sing it back, play-along with it, etc.)


6.         Reading skills - Activities

a. Jazz Band

b. Combo

c. Technique Book


7.         Special Needs:

a. Warm-ups

b. Ear training

c. Time - use metronome

d. Range/Endurance

e. Altissimo register

8.         Others