The Magic of Jazz Education Through Combo Improvisation:
The Essence of Jazz Education

International Workshops on 5 Continents!

  1. China (2012-2013)
  2. Australia (2003 & 2005)
  3. Brazil (2007)
  4. Chile (2003)
  5. Hawaii (2006) and 2008
  6. New Zealand (2005)
  7. Poland (1996, 1998, 2001, 2009 and 2012)
  8. Switzerland (2009)
  9. Ukraine (2001 and 2012)
  10. Australia, China and Fiji (2015)
  11. More Being Scheduled in 2016 & Beyond!

Jazz Education Accomplishments in 49+ years! Click here.

Clinic Topics Available: click here based on over 600 pages offering:

Step-by-step techniques and practical guidelines in the
Complete Guide to Instrumental Jazz Instruction

Dear Music Educator:

This comprehensive set of books is designed to meet three specific needs: a) College music education courses dealing with jazz education; b) music teachers who have never taught jazz before but want to make it part of their regular music curriculum; and c) teachers who are looking for proven ways to turn out better jazz players and ensembles. Here's a remarkable new guide that's tailored to meet those needs comprehensively and thoroughly!

Book I Big Band Instruction
Book II Improvisation Instruction
Book III Combo Instruction

Written by two nationally-known music educators with a combined experience of almost 60 years in virtually every segment of jazz education, it's packed with practical daily help in virtually every phase of jazz instruction and performance. For example, you'll find:

  Step-by-step techniques for organizing a jazz education program.... from strategies for winning the approval of administrators and designing curricula, to scheduling jazz in your overall music program.

For quick access and easy use, all of this useful information is organized into logical and distinct segments that, upon completion of all three books, form a clear and comprehensive picture of virtually every activity encountered in instrumental jazz instruction.

Jazz Education Highlights!

John travels the world to share jazz education concepts.