The Ultimate Music Technology Classroom Environment!

Special Software Perks:

The Hottest Music Technology Software Application For Main-Stream Music Education Use!

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Consider these attributes that students seek in today's tech market both in-and-outside the classroom.

  1. Students want write their own music

  2. Students want to add lyrics to their music

  3. Students want to share their music

  4. Students want to incorporate videos with their own music

Music technology is not just music anymore, it needs to be integrated within in a comprehensive multimedia learning with lyrics, digital audio, digital videos and more to both create and get their music out.

In this single cutting-edge workshop, student will be taught to 1) perform, 2) create notation compositions, 3) create digital audio and 4) MIDI compositions, 5) film scoring with audio as well as enhancing their musicianship with 6) ear training and 7) music theory components and even more with the available DAW bundles in this workshop. Ultimately, the curriciulm presented will motivate students both in-and-out of the classroom and their teachers will equally be as excited to be entrenched in this unique, creative learning environment with the potential of such a comprehensive curriculum that is best outlined in the artwork cited below with an equally amazing digital audio workstation environment because students need to express the emotions through such an environment presented in this workshop. Note: special guest lecturers will a part of this workshop.

This cutting-edge course can and well cover both attributes of "Flipped Learning" instruction integrated with national teaching standards, projected-based instructnion, personalized and customizedinstruction that creatively meets the needs of today's students.


There are rather some rather unusual hardware and software perks associated with this workshop from two outstanding music technology oriented manufacturore details available be heading: Special hardware and software Perks.

Special Hardware Perks: