Curriculum Perks:

Here’s why this workshop is a landmark workshop as it seamlessly integrates the following Power-User programs together for creating differentiated instruction for all students and their ensembles for customized creativity and beyond. Note:  the entire workshop can also be taken with free-demo programs with these products to help jump-start new potential users as well as with full version products to maximize the concepts taught.  In summary, this workshop coves the synchronization of exemplary music products like no other workshop available in the entire technology industry for classroom music teachers.
Read this companion landmark feature article in the February 2014 issue of School Band & Orchestra magazine and its companion web-site addendum with 4,700+ words for even more insight about this innovative workshop at: Hardware Perks:
  1. Special 20% discount offer from Icon Digital USA on all DAW bundles and accessories for all participants in all ten 2015 summer music tech workshops.

  2. Distinct acquisition advantages as cited below for Digital-Audio Workstations for music educators
Here is Icon Digital USA's creative solution: Studio in a Box because the Studio in a Box basic bundle includes the following items from Icon’s product line-up:
  1. Gearbox – Aluminum road case allowing easy transportation of devices between classroom and home study.
  2. O2 – Studio Condenser Microphone; comes equipped with a high-pass filter & 10dB pad
  3. MicU Solo – one mic and one guitar-In/two-Out USB Recording Interface with rubber jacket
  4. HP 360 – Studio reference headphone.
  5. QCon Lite – DAW controller with touch sensitive motorized channel/master fader and four dual function encoder knobs jog wheel and transport controls
  6. DAW Software – Samplitude 11 Silver
Icon’s School Incentive Program provides schools with a financial benefit in the form of a rebate paid quarterly (from 12 to 20 percent of qualifying revenues) when the student body, school staff, family, and friends reference the school during the purchase of Icon products on the Icon Digital website.

Their Education Direct Program provides students and educators with a 20 percent discount on Icon products to students and educators for personal and professional use with the goal of encouraging and advancing careers. Icon also has an innovative fundraising program. The most popular of the iSchools programs is the Icons Encourage the Arts Program, which provides a $1,000 Icon-branded product grant to classrooms moving towards a curriculum that includes recording and electronic music. Learning on real-world equipment readies students to make music in a professional setting. Several schools in California, Wisconsin, and Illinois received Icon brand products to outfit their classroom workstations under the Encourage the Arts Program.
  1. All of Icon Digital USA’s products are useful in educational settings with audio interfaces, MIDI controllers of all kinds, several series of keyboards ranging in sizes, three series of microphones, as well as headphones, mic stands, hubs, and more.

  2. Three nationally published articles clearly point out the advantages of Digital-Audio-Workstations and when combined with Mastering Music, the reality of Main-Stream Music Education today both in-and-out of the classroom for the future is now readily available!