Employment Guidelines:

Essential Successful Step-By-Step Procedures!

by John Kuzmich, Jr.

Golden, Colorado Stake Employment Specialist

November 17, 2011

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Brand-New 2011 Church Employment Program!

  1. New official church employment web is http://www.ldsjobs.org.. Web site covers:

  2. Official LDS site for finding jobs at: http://www.ldsjobs.org This URL lead you to the employment opportunities (mostly in Salt Lake City) with the Church as the employer.

  3. 2011 Church weekly training programs at the Denver Stake Center: January through December, 2011 at <Workshop Schedule 2011.pdf>. These calenders are organized on a monthly and an annual basis.

  4. Do you need these classes? Go to <http://www.kuzmich.com/Church/Bulletin.html> for a short self-test on whether you need professional training!
    • Are you ready to upgrade your employment searching skills? Here is a Table of Contents for this employment web site are at: http://www.kuzmich.com/Church/guidelines.html> which provides valuable instructional assistance for some of the following employment topics.
    • Are you in need for learning how to write a professional resume?
    • How to network more effectively in finding unadvertised jobs
    • How to interview more effectively to be selected for the Position?
    • Plus a wealth of instructional information that can change the way you approach upgrading your career? Go to: http://www.kuzmich.com/Church/guidelines.html >.