Important Guidelines for Job Searching

by John Kuzmich, Jr.

December 7, 2004

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Where to Start?

How to be A Great Job Coach: PowerPoint presentation about "The Essence of Successful Employment Searching." Every ward needs job coaches! Provident Living Budget & Credit PowerPoint presentation. Helps people improve their financial management as the learn from the past to improve the present and future.
Internet Resources for Career Building Home-Based Businesses
Career Development Provident Living Conference


You Can: "Network to Your Next Job"

"Successful Career Planning" Workshop" with incredible on-line resources, including free career testing

First See Ward/BranchEmployment Specialist for V.I.P. Assistance

"Dynamic Resumes"
"Essential Networking Skills"

"How to Present a Thirty-Second Summary": First Interview Question and More!

Workshop:Preparing for "Job Fairs" (10 to 15 hours of preparation

"Essential Internet SearchingTechniques"

"Thank You Letters:" Employers Like Them!

Sample Letter

Need a Template for Designing and Making a Dynamic Resume? If so, view and download a Microsoft Word .DOC file for your use!

Seven Workshop:

"Interviewing Techniques "

Call LDS Regional Employment Center:


"Career Development for Women" Workshop

March/April, 2007 Denver Area Calendars for Employment Activities/Meetings

Denver -Area Companies

That Hire People With Felonies!

Very Special News to Report:
Super Networking Capabilities in the Golden, Colorado Stake!

There are now have nearly 3,000 networking referrals available that can be searched on the new Denver-area Church database to help to send our members to important network contacts. Soon, another 700 names will be added to this centralized database. And more forthcoming after that. The importance of these 3,000+ resources is that your stake employpment specialist can instantly search the Church database for networking people who have volunteered to assisted our unemployed/underemployed members. In addition, it is possible to search by companies and/or careers so great networking opportunities are now available at every Thursday evening meeting. Plan on attending the weekly Thursday evening Golden, Colorado Stake Employment meetings from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Note: one must attend a Golden, Colorado Stake Employment meeting in order to receive pertinent networking information. Note: these networking referrals are also updated several times per month.