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January, February and March, 2006 Issues Entitled: "How To Best Establish a Computer Music Technology Lab!!"

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Brook-Mays Music, Sweetwater Sound,

Lentine Music and Kelly's Music

To better assist you, four major music stores have volunteered their assistance in planning and structuring your music lab acquistition with seperate web pages devoted to each of the ten music lab categories

Ten Music Lab Prototypes for Your Consideration

  1. Entry-Level Basic Music Lab Configuration: soundcard, CPU, headphones, microphone, etc.
  2. Entry-Level Music Literacy Music Lab with emphasis in general music through high school
  3. Intermediate Level Music Lab with emphasis in music notation
  4. Advanced Level Music Lab with emphasis in digital audio sequencing: reference speakers would be a must and high quality headphones!
  5. Advanced Level music Lab with emphasis in video production/editing
  6. Intermediate Level Music Lab with music scanning emphasis
  7. Entry-Level Music Lab with emphasis in keyboard instruction
  8. Intermediate to Advanced Level Music Lab: "Live" Oriented Contemporary Music Instruction with Rock Bands: Garage Band and creative digital audio sequencing hardware/software that goes beyond traditional studio recording techniques
  9. Advanced Level: Full Functioning Multiple Level music lab including media lab controller system, video projector and much more!
  10. Intermediate Level Performance Practicing: SmartMusic, iPAS, Band In-A-Box, Superscope PSD 300 and 340

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Each web worksheet has the company’s logo, name, address, phone number(s), web page links and contact people so that you can follow up discussion of how to best plan your music lab needs along with obtaining specific brands, model, prices and other options. This web site serves as a great starting part for planning your music lab acquisitions with V.I.P. personnel who are very reliable and experienced in dealing with music educators.

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With Suggested & Required Music Lab Line Items, Toll-Free Numbers and Web Sites Access

1. Kelly's Music by Kelly Demoline: USA Phone: 800-510-4385

2. Brook-Mays Music by Julie Romeo (under construction): Phone: 800-637-8966

3. Lentine Music by Peter Workman (under construction): 800-822-6752

4. Sweetwater Sound by Tim Henderson (under construction): 800-222-4700