Wideacres School District Music Technology In-Service

by John Kuzmich, Jr.

November 11, 2003

Eight Different Segments:
(Note: All PowerPoiint Slide Shows Require Microsoft Explorer)

  1. "Introduction of Introductions" to computer music technology introduction slide show: <http://www.kuzmich.com/2003_ASME_Conference_files/frame.htm>. Runs best in Microsoft Explorer. I will cover the entire market of computer music technology. More information than you imagine but absolutely necessary before embarking I will also use the Internet to cover a tremendous amount of information that you can easily replicate via my clinic handout that you can also find at: http://www.kuzmich.com/handouts/mid-west_clinic.html and http://www.kuzmich.com/handouts/iaje_clinic.102.html and http://www.kuzmich.com/handouts/computer_publishers.html

  2. School web sites for promoting public school K-12 school music programs is very, very important far beyond posting calendars of events. Learn how to do audio streaming and video streaming and post all digital recordings and video to your school web site plus grades 24/7 and much more. To learn what other schools are doing in promoting their school music programs, you must go to the following PowerPoint slideshow at: mhtml:http://www.kuzmich.com/2004_ASU_Web_Development.mht!2004_ASU_Web_Development_files/frame.htm

  3. Digital audio recording so every teacher can have their students posted on their school web page It is very simple that way I t each it Now you can reproduce CD’s for your students and parents better yet, audio and video stream the recordings on your school web site painlessly with nobody doing it for you and at outrageous fees. See: http://www.kuzmich.com/handouts/digital_magic.html, http://www.superscopetechnologies.com/press/IAJEcolumn.htm and http://www.superscopetechnologies.com/products/PSD300/index.htm for details and other related family of PSD products such as the PSD230 and PSD 220.

  4. Music notation programs as part of Power User Applications: great place to start using computers to augment ones teaching probably easier than any other software application because you can produce projects that can augment your teaching. See Power_User. Music scanning software applications is another way to incorporate printed music into MIDI files and into notation programs ASAP! See HTML presentation of SmartScore. and SmartScore2

  5. Automatic Accompaniment Generators: teaching was never so much fun with this software application. See: mhtml:http://www.kuzmich.com/2004_Band_In_A_Box.mht!2004_Band_In_A_Box_files/frame.htm, http://www.kuzmich.com/band-in-a-box.html, http://www.kuzmich.com/band-in-a-box2.html and http://www.kuzmich.com/band-in-a-box3.html

  6. Ear Training/Music Theory: you can learn/teach music theory faster with software assistance including having students working at home and e-mailing their scores to the teacher. Check: http://www.sbomagazine.com/sbomag/apr01/technology.html

  7. Elementary School Presentation for General Music: What a Powerful Way to Use Computers for general music instruction. See posted PowerPoint slide show at: soon forthcoming.

  8. Instrumental Music Assessment for National Music Standards. Choral can tap into these area as well. See posted PowerPoint slide show at: soon forthcoming.