Meet John Kuzmich, Jr.:

Computer Music Technology & Music Web Development Clinician!

Presented at the 2003 Mid-West Band & Orchestra Clinic and the 2004 MTNA National Conference

Please go on the Internet and check out the "hot" linked, underlined web sites listed below for pertinent information/materials about my computer music technology and music web development clinics below. Note: recommended you use Microsoft Explorer to view all PowerPoint slide shows.

  1. Primary Computer Music Technology Clinic Handout and Primary Web Development Clinic Handout.

  2. 2004 Arizona State University Automatic Accompaniment Generating clinic presented on April 10, 2004. Innovative overview on the educational benefits of Band-In-A-Box at:

  3. 2004 Arizona State University Web Development PowerPoint Slide Show presented on April 10, 2004. PowerPoint slide show creative overviews for music educator applications at:

  4. 2003 Mid-West Band & Orchestra and 2004 MTNA National Conference web clinic handout:

  5. Web development for music educators! Check out the following dynamic articles written expressively for music educators.
  6. Computer Literacy Web-based Microsoft PowerPoint and Corel Presentation slideshows: Computer Music Applications: A To Z and Beyond first presented for the 1999 Mid-West Band & Orchestra Clinic and updated for 2003 music technology workshops.
  7. Definitive list of recommended computer music software manufacturers:

  8. Latest on-line PowerPoint slideshow for computer music technology clinics at: which can offer an overview to the important concepts of music technology. Recommended you use Microsoft Explorer, but Netscape 7.1 will work.

  9. Attention music educators and computer technologists!!!! Need teacher recertification credit? I have the classes for YOU with 10+ computer music technology classes co-sponsored by Dakota Ridge High School's Instrumental Music Booster's and Colorado School of Mines, all with graduate level college credit. Current workshops can be found at: but there are many others that can also be scheduled and more new ones forthcoming:

  10. Out-of-state music educators may want to consider enrolling in Denver, Colorado during summer months and on weekends throughout the academic year. Inexpensive motel housing is available nearby along with discounted tours for your family and special travel arrangements. Two graduate credits can be earned from Colorado School of Mines for only $70.00 plus modest instructor's and music lab fees. For more information, about 10+ plus different computer music classes, please check out the following web sites:
  11. Glossary of Computer Multimedia & MIDI Terms:
  12. Innovative jazz and music education bookmarks presented at the 2002 Brigham Young University Jazz Festival:
  13. Read 45+ on-line articles published on other web sites:

  14. How to contact me: