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by John Kuzmich, Jr.

August 23, 2022

Dr. John Kuzmich Jr. is a veteran music educator, jazz educator and music technologist.  His music technology column appears regularly in School Band and Orchestra magazine with more than 100+ feature articles (http://www.kuzmich.com/articles.html) since 1998.  Dr. Kuzmich is a nationally known music educator recently retired after 40+ years of public school teaching experience with a specialties in videoconferencing, jazz education and music technology instruction.. He has institute certification from TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) to serve as a training instructor throughout the country. His academic background also includes a Ph.D. in comprehensive musicianship. As a freelance author, he has more than 800 articles and five textbooks published. As a clinician, Dr. Kuzmich has taught on five continents and frequently participates in workshops throughout the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and South America. For more information about John, visit his Web site: www.kuzmich.com/clinics.html.

Selected Jazz and Music Technology Articles

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Here are some feature music technology articles from School Band & Orchestra magazine.   Please go to the following links for a sampling of his novel manner of improving music technology nationally and internationally to music educators around the world. Note: the archive system at SBO magazIne has just been reorganized. Instead of clicking on the individual links below, go to http://www.sbomagazine.com/archives/ and find the particular issue with the article or search for the articles as follows:

    1. Digital Issue Archives: Click here to read digital back issues of SBO (Covering issues to April 2010 with all pages available)

    2. Archives by Month: Click here to read the top stories from each past issue. Contains all of John's tech articles for issues from 1999 to the present

(Note: archiving system at SBO magazine is in transition, go to http://www.kuzmich.com/bibliography.html
for 150+ on-line articles permanently available to read)

Alfred Publications

March 2018
How Music Theory Can Improve Improvisation


September, 2022
MIDI - The Music Education Tool K-12 Can't Live Without: New Benchmarks for Chromebooks

February, 2020
BandLab Breaks the Music Education MIDI Barrier

Febraruy 2019
2019 Winter NAMM Show MIDI Highlights

February, 2018
2018 Winter NAMM Show Highlights

JAZZed magazine

January/February 2018 issue: http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Jazz Commandments.jpg, page 17
The Jazz Commandments"

November/December 2014 issue:  http://digitaleditiononline.com/publication/?i=235745, pages 34 and 35.
"Changing Jazz Education"

July, 2008 issue: http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/improvisation.pdf.
"Breaking The Improvisational Barrier Without Your Axe!"

Music &Arts

February 2018
Jazz Improvisation with Creative Essential Elements

February 2017
Beginner's Luck: Easy Play-Along Method Books

Long & McQuade

January, 2018
Creatively Applying Robust Music Notation

School Band & Orchestra magazine: 1998 to 2016

February 2016
Dynamic Music Solutions in and Out of the Classroom!

December 2015
Plug Into Student-Centered Success!

October 2015
How Relevant is Your Teaching: Mastering Music Can FLIPThe Switch

August 2015
Technology Is Essential to Accomplish Core Music Standards

June 2015
Seamless Classroom Integration of National Standards & Cutting Edge Music Technology

April 2015
Prime Project-Based Resources

February 2015
DAW Bundles: Bundle Up For Creative Curriculum and Music Lesson Options

December 2014
DAW Workstations: Customizing Beyond Bundles

October 2014
DAW Bundles: Hardware & Software Kits for School Music Educators

August 2014
Ear Traing: Six Programs for Classroom and at Home-Use

June 2014
Technology: Drill Prep Apps

April 2014
The Best Music Apps for Educators

February 2014
Power-User Synthesis: From Scanning to Notation to Customized Creativity & Beyond! (the ultimate technology experience)

December 2013
Videoconferencing & Remote Instruction

October 2013
Center-Stage: Tech-Oriented Band/String Methods for the Classroom, pages 46, 47, 48 and 49.

August 2013
21st -Century Sequencing Tools, pages 44, 45 and 46

June 2013
Heavy Hitting Cloud Notation Tools

May 2013
Sight-Reading Software to the Rescue

April 2013
Heavy Hitting Cloud Notation Tools

February 2013
Technology: Intergrating Technology , pages 22, 23 and 24

January 2013
Integrating Technology

November 2012
Resources to Assist Instruction and Creativity

September 2012

The Emerging World of Online Professional Development, pages 44, 46, 47 and 48

August 2012
Sure-Fire Instruction Tools for Improvisation, pages 48, 49 and 50

June 2012
Technology and Jazz Education in High Gear

May 2012
Music Technology Courses & Workshops

April 2012
iPad Innovators in Music Room

March 2012
Using iPad's in Music Education

February 2012

Technology to the Rescue: Strategy for Successful College Placement

January 2012
New Best Practices with Digital Recorders

December 2011
Creative Practicings and Play-Along Solutions, pages 64 to 66

November 2011

Playing In Tune:  More Than Following a Display

October 2011
Music Tech Tutorials: Third-Party Solutions

September 2011
Building Cutting-Edge Music Workstation, beginning page 44

August 2011
Reality TV: Using Portable Digital Video Recorders, beginning on page 48.

May 2011
Interactive Blogging and Social-Networking, pages 48 to 53

April 2011
Enhanced AP Music Theory Instruction, pp. 42-47

March 2011
The Jazz Alive Project!, pp. 42-47

January 2011
Starting the New Year with YouTube pages 40-42

December 2010
Start 2011 With a Super-Technology Charge! page 64-65-66

November 2010
And the Beat Goes On pages 39 to 43

October 2010
Meet Arch Martin: Music Technology Architect pages 48-54

September 2010
How to Import Files into Assessment Software page 46

August 2010
The Painless Gain of New Transcription Tools page 52

July 2010
Dynamic Multimedia Instruction pages 34 to 37

June 2010
Using Smart Phones for Music Education

May 2010
TI:ME Seminars: Diving into Technology

April 2010
Three Tech Winners for Music Ed

March 2010
Audio Tools for Music Educators: Noise Cleaning & Audio Enhancements

February 2010
Today's K-12 Virtual Instruction

January 2010
Meet Bergenfield High School: Achieving Excellence Through Technology

December 2009
The Magic of Hand-Held Digital Recorders

November 2009
A Brief Look at Music Theory & Ear Training Software

October 2009
Juggling the Many Hats of a Music Educator

September 2009
Music Tech Service & Support: Who, What & Where

August 2009
Revisiting the Arts Classroom-Based Performance Assessments in Washington

July 2009
Introducing Interactive Whiteboards

June, 2009
A Conversation With Tom Rudolph, Music Teacher Technologist

May, 2009
TI:ME: Is On Your Side

April, 2009
Teaching In A Changing Profession

March, 2009
Creativity, Teamwork, and The Vermont MIDI Composition Project

January, 2009
Teachers Shouldn't Have Homework

December, 2008
Three Easy Steps to Posting Your Music on the Web

November, 2008
Tech Tools to Aid Student Performance

October, 2008
The Future of Music Technology: Web-Based Software`





September, 2008
The Battle of the Titans with eight spectacular product feature tables.

August, 2008
Music Notation Programs: The New Generation and its companion PDF file with eight spectacular product feature tables.

July, 2008
Rhythmic Independence: The Missing Link in Sight-Reading Litreacy, pages 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55

June, 2008
Music Gaming and other Intro-Level Learning Tools

May, 2008
Creative Alternatives for Non-Traditional Music Classes

April, 2008
Integrating Power-User Applications

March, 2008
Music Tech Integration with Power-User Applications Part 1 of 2

January, 2008
Getting with the Program: Materials for Learning Software Part 2 of 2

December, 2007
Getting with the Program: Materials for Learning Software Part 1 of 2

November, 2007
The Radio Hour: Inside Steven Chetcuti's Innovative Instruction

October, 2007
Working on the Go Part 2 of 2

September, 2007
Automating Administrative Busywork Part 1 of 2

August, 2007
Alternative Assessments for Mainstream Programs

July, 2007
Mainstreaming Music Teaching: Integrating With Music Performance

May, 2007
Automatic Accompaniment Generating Software: More Home Practicing Recommendations Part Four of Four

April, 2007
Shortcuts: Time Is A Barometer For Success, Part Three of Four

March, 2007
Shortcuts: Time Is A Barometer For Success, Part Two of Four

January, 2007
Shortcuts: Time Is A Barometer For Success, Part One of Four (includes music scanning)

December, 2006
Tools to Get You Podcasting, Part 2

November, 2006
Podcasting for Music Educators, Part 1

October 2006
Online Resources or Free 24//7 Internet Solutions

September 2006
More Free Stuff for the Looking

August 2006
Web Development for Music Educators, Part IV of a four-part series

July 2006
Web Development for Music Educators, Part III of a four-part series

June 2006 
Web Development for Music Educators, Part II of a four-part series

MAY 2006
Web Development for Music Educators, Part 1 of a four-part series

APRIL 2006
Music Tech Lab, Part III of a III-part series

MARCH 2006
Music Tech Lab, Part II of a II-part series

Technology Music Tech Lab. Part I of a III-part series in Setting Up a Music Technology Lab

Manufactor's Product Demos

UpClose: Home Schooling

More Free Stuff for the Looking

JUNE 2005
Jump start Your Technology Adventure with Freeware: Part 1

MAY 2005
Wireless Soundfield Amplification Relief for Your Tired Voice Is Here!

APRIL 2005
Music Technology Courseware Options, Part III of a III-part series.

MARCH 2005
Technology: Music Technology Courseware Options Part II of a III-part series

TECHNOLOGY: MUSIC TECHNOLOGY COURSEWARE OPTIONS Part I of a III-part series, covering 65 essential third-party books and tutorial videos that provide a foundation for music educators to teach music technology more effectively.  Temporary posting at: http://www.kuzmich.com/TECHDOC.html

Entry-Level Digital Recording for Music Directors

Automatic Accompaniment Generators

APRIL 2004
Notation Software on a Budget

Internet Licensing

Music Tech Labs on a Small Budget

JULY 2003
Guide to Graphic Editor Software Applications

April 2003
Music Technology Labs

Computerized Guitar and Bass Instruction

The Sequencing Market

Creative Recording Techniques in Music Education: Performance Artistry with MIDI Sequencing and/or Digital Audio Recording Technology

JUNE 2002
Traveling Web Sites

MAY 2002
Field Show Design

APRIL 2002
Technology Literacy

MARCH 2002
Jazz Applications

Orchestra Applications

Percussion Applications Part II

http://www.kuzmich,com/SBONovember2001 Percussion Applications Part I

http:://www.kuzmich.com/SBOJanuary2001.html Interactive Practice At Home or http://www.sbomagazine.com/7607/archives/october-2001/interactive-practice-at-home/

Making School Web Pages More User-friendly

JUNE 2001
Getting Started with MIDI

MAY 2001
http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Administration.pdf Music Office Organizing Software

APRIL 2001
Music Technology for All Students: via Music Theory Software!

MARCH 2001
http://www.kuzmich.com/SBOMarch2001.html Transcribing Software or http://www.sbomagazine.com/7584/archives/march-2001/transcribing/

http://www.kuzmich.com/SBOJanuary2002 Music Lessons Through The Computer

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/img116.pdf Video Streaming

Music Scanning Software

MP3 for Music Educators

Computer Music Lab 101

JUNE 2000
Building Exciting Web Pages, Part II

MAY 2000
http://www.kuzmich.com/SBOMay2000.html Field Show Design Software

MARCH 2000
Music Education Computer Games

Building Your Own Website

MARCH 1999
http://www.kuzmich.com/SBOMarch1999.html Acquiring & Updating Used Computers

APRIL 1999
http://www.kuzmich.com/SBOApril1999.html Music Software Applications

Teaching Improv in a Big-Band Setting

May/June 1998
Wire Choir: A New Focus for String Education, Part 2

March/April 1998
Wire Choir: A New Focus for String Education, Part 1

Additional Selected Jazz Education and Music Technology Articles

Here's my latest endeaver with monthly music technology and jazz columns for http://www.banddirector.com since October 2010, a web-based magazine with my 9 on-going columns

    1. Essential Jazz Improvisation Instructional Materials: "Best of the Rest"
    2. Jazz:: http://www.banddirector.com/article/jazz/jazz
    3. Music tech: http://www.banddirector.com/article/john-kuzmich/john-kuzmich-technology-main
    4. Meet Ron Kearns and His new book entitled: Building a High School Instrumental Program
    5. Meet Richard Sussman and His Jazz Composition and Arranging in the Digital Age
    6. Interview with Bruce Pearson-Tradition of Excellence Band Method
    7. Sound Innovations
    8. Mastering Music
    9. Must see Superscope PSD400 series
    10. Kevin Whitehead Interview -Why Jazz

International Association of Schools of Jazz

October, 2008 issue: http://www.iasj.com/documentation/Newsletter/documents/NewslettA4Oct2008website_000.pdf on page 6.
IASJ Bulletin Board

Jazz Educators Journal: 1975 to 2008

Dr. Kuzmich has also been a senior columnist with the Jazz Educators Journal for the International Association of Jazz Educators since 1975 with his "Survey of New Teaching Materials" and since 1992 with his "Watch Out" columns.  In addition, Dr. Kuzmich has been senior editor of the Jazz Educators Journal, the American Suzuki Journal and with The Instrumentalist for a total of 18 years.

Here are some samples from the Jazz Educators Journal for the International Association of Jazz Educators between 1975 to 2008.  Please peruse my web site at:  <http://www.kuzmich.com/clinics.html> for more insight about me and my work at:

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Surveynewteachingmaterials.pdf: Survey of New Teaching Materials, sample installment published in every issue between 1975 and 2008

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Jazz%20Scales-Chords.pdf: Jazz Scales/Chords Instructional Innovations: '98!

: “Doc” Tucker Retires:  Esteemed Educator Put Cal Berkeley on the International Jazz Map

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles.Article Radio.html: Jazz Education For All Students: The Radio Hour for Developing

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Article Notation.html: Teaching Music Notation Software To The Masses

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Article MusicXML.html: MusicXML: Preserving Your Music Beyond MIDI

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Article Strings.html: Contemporary String Education: Modernizing with Electric Instruments

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Strings2.pdf: Wire Choir Can Be Electriiying! (Part 11)

http://www.kuzmich.com/articles/Article Berklee.html: Berkleemusic.com - An Integrated Online Presence

http://www.superscopetechnologies.com/press/IAJEcolumn.shtml Part 1 of an IAJE Watch Out Column for Digital Recording With the Superscope PSD 300

http://www.superscopetechnologies.com/press/IAJEcolumn2.shtml Part 2 of an IAJE Watch Out Column for Digital Recording With the Superscope PSD 300

Music Educators Journal:

November 1989
New Styles, New Technologies, New Possibilitiy in Jazz. click here.

Twentieth-century society and technology shape the needs of our students. How can we best meet those needs? Here are suggestions on how jazz education can may supply the answer.

April 1991
Popular Music In Your Program: Towing with the Times. click here.

Traditional school music programs do not interest some accomplished student musicians Here is a discussion of the power of popular and rock music draw these students into music education.

down beat magazine: How to Beat the Combo/Improvisation Shortage: click here.

A concise summary of John Kuzmich, Jr. is that he is a "music educator's educator" who believes in widely sharing his talent and expertise through national and international publications and world-wide workshop presentations regardless of the personal cost involved.  And as an "in the trenches" public school classroom teacher of 40+ years, he even likes his "F" students.

The Instrumentalist:

Computers Today: Looking at a "Real-Time" System, part II: click here
For a better perspective of how the charactersitics of real-time entry and digital synthese can be useful to those in music education, part II of this series examines the Soundchaser software library.

Music Scanning Software: click here
New programs for personal computgers can scan printed music for editing and transposing

Choral Director magazine:

March 2013
Sequencing Magic in the Clouds, pages 30 and 31

March 2011
The ALIVE Project and You

November 2010
Importing Files into Assessment Software

September 2010
Using Smart Phones for Music Education

July 2010
The Magic of Handheld Digital Recorders

March 2010
Audio Tools for Music Educators: Noise Cleaning & Audio Enhancements

November 2008
Surfing Web-Based Music Software

Spring 2004
Entry-Level Choral Applications

American Suzuki Journal

February 1992
Computer Technology &You

2015 Workshiops