Registration for Free Workshops

When Are Free Workshops Free?
(When the following directions are followed!)

Instructions and Deadlines!

In order to insure accurate enrollment for each free workshop, it is important that enrollees follow the following guidelines to help avoid cancellations and forfitting a required $25 deposit if not adhered to. There are 20 to 25 virtual seats available and if more are needed with two weeks advanced notice, I can add more seats with my GoToMeeting account.

Deadline for submitting the following procedures is two weeks before the first day of each free workshop which will also include a $25 registration deposit which will be returned promptly following the workshop's participation so the instruction is free to those that complete the printable form below and return the mailing address cited below.

Deposit check payment only (no credit cards, no paypal, etc..

Note: there is a limit of 20 to 25 enrollees per workshop. To better understand the videoconferencing procedures and expectations, go to:

FREE Workshops Still Available!

FREE: August 11 or in June if August date not available:  Essentials of Music Theory - click here for more info (1 day)

FREE: August 12 or in June if August date not available:  Band-In-A-Box - click here and here for more info (1 day)

FREE: August 13 or in June if August date not available:  Superscope Technologies Digital Recording Systems - hardware and software (1 day)

Print Out This Form Below and Mail to: John Kuzmich, Jr.

Send a cover letter by government mail with the following information

  1. Enclose a $25.00 Deposit Fee payable by check to Kuzmich Consultants.

  2. Also include a self-addressed #10 envelope with first class postage so the deposit can be returned to you promptly after completion of the workshop.

  3. Note: workshop cancellations received 14 days or more prior to each workshop will have their original check returned to the sender uncashed.

  4. Mail the cover letter and $25 deposit to:

  5. For more information for all summer 2015 music technology workshops, go to: and