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Meet John Kuzmich, Jr., Ph.D.


Dynamic Music Educator 50+ Years!

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Unique Expertise:

National acclaimed jazz educator since 1972 Nationally acclaimed music technologist for 30+ years

Author of 800+ published articles & 3 landmark jazz pedagtogy books

Private lesson students regularly accepted in Colorado college honor and Colorado All-State bands

Senor Editor for three national music education journals for nearly 20 years Directed & won five "Gold Medals" at the World Music Contest in Netherlands
Frequent clinican at local, state, regional, national and international music educator conferences Videoconference instruction since 2006 for TI:ME (Techology Institute for Music Education) Taught the 2012-2013 year at Shandong University in Jinan, China
Directed first place in the Missouri State Concert Band competition Guest taught on five continents: Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, and USA (Hawaii, America & Canada) Retired after 43 successful years of public school teaching experience

Job Interest:

  • Versatile, innovative music educator/computer technology teacher with interest in private lesson in both music studio and videoconferencing settings.
  • Guest conductor for instrumental music with orchestra and bands and jazz improvisation.
  • Ambidextrous with teaching both brass and woodwind instruments from tuba and bassoon through trumpet and piccolo.

Professional Music Achievements:

  • Successful distance-learning teacher since 2006. To view my nine 2015 summer music technology workshops with graduate level college creidts from Seattle Pacific University, go to:

    1. 2015 summer music technology workshops: click here
    2. Flyer for 2015 summer music technology workshops: click here

  • 2015 "Down Under" workshop tour to Australia for the 2015 ASME (Australian Society for Music Educators) national conference in Adelaide, Australia, September 28 to Octobe 1, 2015 and FlipCon Australia 2015 Conference in Coomera, Australia, October 22 to 24, 2015.

  • Videoconferencing specialist at prestigious national and regional educator technology national conferences including NECC (National Educating Computers Consortium), ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), Classroom Connect, T.I.E. (Technology in Education) and others.

  • To assess my national status in the music education profession, please do a Google.Com search on "John Kuzmich, Jr." and came up with with no less than 130,000+ hits on October 16, 2009! Why so many? See the following professional skills and experience that are nationally recognized by Google.Com.

  • Senior technology columnist for School Band & Orchestra magazine 1998 - 2016 with 150+ feature articles presently published on-line at: click here

  • Co-author of three landmark jazz pedagoy books at:

  • Jazz studies specialist since the early 1970's with emphasis in combo improvisation, electrified strings with "wire" choir (on-line at: click here and many pedagogical articles/textbooks on-line at: click here

  • Co-author of a primer-level jazz improvisation method that pilot tested on Maui, Hawaii for three-days culminating with an evening concert-demonstration, 

  • Multimedia expertise. For on-line audio and video streaming examples, please go to click here, click here and click here

  • Senior editor and columnist for the following national music educator journals:

    1. Senior columnist for with now 8 on-going jazz, technology and classical music columns at:  2011 to present
    2. Columnist for the School Band & Orchestra magazine: "Music Technology" since 1998 to 2016
    3. Senior editor for the American Suzuki Journal for the American Suzuki Association: 1994-1996
    4. Senior editor for The Instrumentalist magazine: 1984
    5. Columnist for the Jazz Educators Journal: "Survey of New Teaching Materials"and the "Watch Out" columns since 1976 to 2008 and 1993 to 2008, respectively.
    6. Senior eductor for the Jazz Educators Journal for the International Association of Jazz Educators: 1976 to 1992

  • Computer music technologist since the mid-1980's with many articles and national conference workshops presented including nearly every prestigious national music educator conference: Music Educators National Conference, Mid-West Band & Orchestra Clinic, National Teachers National Association, Australian Society for Music Educators, International Association of Jazz Educators, Texas Music Educators Conference, National Association of Music Merchants, and 200+ high school/college and university appearances as well. Most recently was approved both as a certified instructor and as an Institutional member for TI:ME (The Technology Institute for Music Educators) at For 30+ on-line clinic handouts, please go to: Note: many more clinic handouts are available upon request.

National Computer Music Technology Certification:

Colorado State Vocational Technology Credentialing Certification:

Professional Employment Experiences:

  • Retired public school educator with 43+ years of full-time experience with many accomplishments including winning the Missouri Concert Band Championship, three Gold medals at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, Netherlands and half-time show appearances at Yankee Stadium for the New York Giants National Football League game plus 400+ published articles, and four landmark textbooks and a web-based curriculum.

  • 17 years as a middle school computer teacher at Carmody Middle School in Lakewood, Colorado with entire daily and semester curriculum web-based. Go to: and

  • 25+ years as a high school band director in New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, California and Colorado.
  • Technology clinician at the 2009 International Conference for the International Association of Schools of Jazz in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  • Jazz clinician at the 2009 Pulawy International Jazz Workshop in Pulawy, Poland as well as at their 1996 and 1998 workshops.
  • Ten years as a adjunct faculty member for the band programs of Arapahoe High School and Dakota Ridge High School.
  • Successful private woodwind and brass teacher in Denver continuously since 1988 for Crescendo Music, Kurt Sterling Music and Denver Music Institute since 1988 in Littleton and Englewood.
  • In the summer of 2007, I taught in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Check out some spectacular photos at: with photos from Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago, Chile as starters plus a 23,000 foot mountain. See Riio de Janeiro, Brazil improvisation clinic summarized in the published article, "Breaking The Improvisational Barrier Without Your Axe!", for details at:
  • International clinician with guest presentations in Poland (1996, 1998, 2009 and 2012), Australia (2003 and 2005), New Zealand (2005), Chile (2005), Sal Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2007), Switzerland (2009) and Hawaii (2006 and 2008).
  • Author of two ambitious web sites promoting me as a clinician for music technology and jazz education workshops, respectively at: and with many videos and animated GIF slideshows.  If you don't have RealPlayer on your computer to view the videos, you can download it for free at here.. The jazz master web site above is particularly unique as I recently taught jazz improvisation to a large symphonic band for 50 minutes in Honolulu with 10 videos to view me pedagogically in "constant motion."  And the orchestra workshop was even more successful as they had the "ears" to do it mostly aurally.
  • Senior editor for nearly 20 years of three prestigious music journals and organizations. Planned and recruited editorial content and the direction of magazines. Dealt nationally and internationally with regular contributors, free-lance authors and photographers. Wrote feature articles and editorial columns. Supervised all stages of magazine production and improved advertising by over 50 percent.

    1. Jazz Educators Journal for the International Association of Jazz Educators for nearly 15 years, Manhattan, Kansas.
    2. The Instrumentalist, Winnetka, Illinois.
    3. The American Suzuki Journal for the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Boulder, Colorado.

  • Free-lance author with 800+ articles (including down beat, Music Educators Journal, Selmer Bandwagon, Jazz Educators Journal, The Instrumentalist, School Musician, American Suzuki Journal and many other national music educator journals) and four textbooks. For 150+ published articles on-line, go to: and and music technology column (1998 to present).
  • Eight years of successfully music administrator experience as a coordinator of music for a staff of twelve music teachers.
  • Co-author of three landmark jazz pedagogy books originally published by Parker Books, Warner Bros. and now Alfred Publishing.  See: for more info.
  • College admissions and scholarship coach for music education majors.
  • Membership in Jazz Education Network (2010 presenter in national conference in St. Louis, Missouri), Technology Institute for Music Education (2010 presenter at regional conference in Cincinnati, Ohio) and International Association of Schools of Jazz (2009 international  presenter in Lucerne, Switzerland and 2010 international presenter in The Hague, Netherlands)
  • Appointed to the national editorial advisory board for JEN (Jazz Education Network) which is the replacement for IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators).
  • For a photo exposition of my 2006 Hawaiian three-day workshops at Kamehameha High School in Pukalani Hawaii,and Ponahou High School in Honolulu, Hawaii with Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Symphonic Orchestra and Girls Choir, go to:


  • Ph.D. degree, music education, Brigham Young University.
  • MM.. degree, music education, Michigan State University.
  • B.M. degree, music education, Michigan State University
  • Additional coursework at: Syracuse University, University of Illinois, Indiana University, Eastman School of Music, Vandercook College, and others.