Interactive/Synchronous Video Conferencing Workshops

Unique opportunities for "live" jazz ed and music tech instruction. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about videoconferenicng..

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2015 Summer Workshops

For a calendar of all 2015 summer workshops with graduate credit avaialble from Seattle Pacific University, click here

All workshops are purposely small and can taken either in Denver, Colorado or remotely simultaneously by videoconferencing. For more information, please contact John at: or Skype him.

All TI:ME Courses are co-sponosred by the Technology Institute for Music Educators with graduate college credit offered by Seattle Pacific Uiversity.

Overview of TI:ME Workshops Taught
With Creative Options for TI:ME workshops

  • Course Title 1: TI:ME 1A Music Technology: Electronic Instruments, MIDI Sequencing

    Dates: July 6-10, 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Course Title 2: TI:ME 1B Basic Skills: Software, Communications & Digital Media

    Dates: July 13-17, 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Course Title 3: TI:ME 2B Internet, Interactive Internet Authoring or TI:ME 2A Advanced Sequencing

    Dates: July 20-24, 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Course Title 4: TI:ME 2C Integrating Technology into the Music Curriculum

    Dates: July 27 - 31 8:00am - 4:00pm

    • Course Title 5: TI:ME 2A Alternataive: Power-User Synthesis: From Scanning to Notation to Custonmized Creativity & Beyond (the Ultimate Experience in Technology)

      Dates: June 22-26 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Other Workshop Options:

For more options for TI:ME Certified Workshops, click here.


Here's How To Attend Remotely!

John Kuzmich began videoconferencing workshops the summer of 2006 for individuals and school district in-service music technology workshops as well as national and international presentations from his home computer studio. All you need is a Pentium IV computer or newer with Broadband Internet connectivity. I will provide an invitation to conference with me that will automatically download GoToMeeting software and connect to my videoconferencing software with the capacity of teaching up to 25 people in a true multipoint interactive synchronous conference connection along with the capabilities of broadcasting to 150+ people simultaneously. For the latest videoconferencing details for John's clinics, click here. And that is how easy videoconferencing can be and at no expense for long-distance calls. And best of all, no travel/housing/food expenses!

For more information, e-mail John at: or Skype him 24/7.

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TI:ME Workshops
Also Taught

Location: Both on-line videoconferencing and Kuzmich home studio lab Golden, CO, simultaneously,

Instructor: John Kuzmich, Jr., Ph.D

  • 1A - Music Technology: Electronic Instruments, MIDI Sequencing, & Notation

  • 1B - Music Technology: Instructional Software, Communications, and Digital Media

  • 2B Advanced Sequencing

  • 2C Integrating Technology into the Music Curriculum (2 sections)

Customize Your Own Tech Instruction

What do you want in a workshop? Pick from the list below of the potential items that you would like covered in a workshop, and we will customize your workshop to cover what YOU want.

  • Music notation
  • Sequencing
  • Automatic Accompaniment Generating Software Applications
  • Ear Training
  • National Music Standards
  • Music Literacy
  • Best Software Under $50.00
  • General Music
  • Interactive Web Pages with / without assessment
  • E-Learning
  • Music Scanning
  • How to Budget for Music Technology for hardware / software / courseware

Standard Technology Workshops

  • Interactive Web-Based Instruction!
  • Best Software Application Buys Under $60.00!
  • Power Users: Seamless Integration of Sequencing, Notation, Music Scanning and Automatic Accompaniments Generators
  • Sibelius 7.0 as well as older versions, Sibelius Student Edition Notes, and/or Compass.
  • Entry-level Finale 2014, Guitar Finale 2014, PrintMusic 2014
  • How to Creatively Use Band-In-A-Box
  • The Seven Wonders of the World in Music Technology for Music Educators
  • Guaranteed Success for General Music Teachers
  • Web Development for Music Educators
  • Successful Music Theory/Ear Training Instruction.
  • Entry-Level Music Scanning: PhotoScore, SharpEye Music Reader and SmartScore
  • Creative Music Teaching: via Interactive Accompaniments, Assessment and Web Posting
  • Music Sequencing on a Budget with PowerTracks Pro and Mastery Music Professional.
  • How to Budget for Music Technology Instruction from A to Z.
  • The Mysteries of MIDI for Instruction!
  • Digital Recording of Music Concerts and Lectures with Digital Sequencing Software Applications
  • Break-Throughs in Jazz Education Music Technology Applications, including Improvisation Instruction.